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Geschrieben von RedDungeon am 17.01.2009 um 20:43:

  RetroShare 0.4.11d erschienen

RetroShare 0.4.11d

Changes for v0.4.11d

* Bugfix for launching desktop support.
* Small fix to universal script and some extra debugging.
* switched off some debugging.
* fixed tickrate slow down (when no activity)
* added extra flags to interface.
* Added NewsFeed / Popup / Chat Configuration options.
* Gui modifications to support authenticated forums.
* Added Authenticated Forums.
* add Sign / Verify functions to authxpgp
* sign/verify messages, and control flags for p3distrib/p3forums.
* add authmgr to p3distrib etc.
* added AUTH flags to rsforums interface.
* implement function for clearCompleted on filetransfer panel
* added display for author of forum posts
* suppressed uninitialized memory read.
* remove temporary file when cancel file transfer
* Bugfixes for correct Channels display.
* Corrected search in ftserver.
* Updated avail in controller FileDetails.
* Fixed Channel: SubFileItem display and play.
* added openFile function to MainWindow. (uses QtDesktopServices)
* disabled PlayAll in ChanMsgItem (as we can't do this).
* enabled play() once files downloaded.

Forensoftware: Burning Board 2.3.4, entwickelt von WoltLab GmbH