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Geschrieben von RedDungeon am 29.11.2009 um 22:39:

  OneSwarm 0.6.9 erschienen

Version 0.6.9 (November 23, 2009, current stable release)

Discussion in the forum

* Support for publishing to community servers
* Fixed bug in group management UI
* At first handshake, agree on secret location to publish IP:port (instead of at SHA1(A_pubkey+B_pubkey) )
* SHA1 and ed2k hash search to find swarms containing a specific file
* Added --configure command line option to configure remote access on linux servers without X (Xvfb is still needed)
* More localized strings (not yet complete, however)
* Fixed torrent opening bugs on OSX Snow Leopard
* Fixed bug preventing connections to obfuscated peers for public torrents
* Fixed DHT memory leak for users with many friends
* Reduced memory usage for users with large watch directories
* Fixed watch directory bug preventing hashing of some directories on Windows
* Support for sharing and searching files with 4-byte characters in the names

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