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waste_1.5.beta3_ger_setup.exe (Installer ~270 KB)
waste_1.5.beta3_ger_src.zip (Source Code ~1 MB)

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 Es gibt wieder arbeit... JamesBean 27.03.2007 09:55

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Dabei seit: 20.01.2007
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für die Übersetzer. Eine neue WASTe Version 1.5beta4 wurde released.


edit by mor

After a long hiatus, we're proud to present a new release of WASTE. This version, dubbed wxWASTE, is a fork of the main WASTE project designed to provide minimal cross-platform support. Developed in the wxWidgets toolkit, this version of WASTE gives many more users the opportunity to connect to a WASTE mesh.

Though wxWASTE was previously released as v1.5 beta 3, this new effort provides a much more usable client. A source-only release, v1.5 beta 4 now uses autotools to make compiling quick and simple, as well as provides some fixes for serious bugs preventing normal operation.

This release has been tested on Linux, and should work equally as well on all systems sharing a similar wxWidgets library, such as *BSD. It is untested for OS X, but may provide some functionality.

It should be noted that this release is still closer to alpha quality, but in keeping with the naming scheme of the main source it has been given the beta moniker.

As previously announced, support for Linux and OS X binaries has ended. Please compile wxWASTE from source to use these platforms.

Development plans for the versions of WASTE following v1.5 final provide for the development of full cross-platform support. This will replace the wxWASTE fork.
27.03.2007 09:55
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